What is a Commercial construction project?
Commercial construction is the construction of any buildings or similar structures for commercial purposes. Commercial projects can vary greatly in type, size and time spent. This type of construction projects encompasses schools, sports centres and stadiums, retail centres and shops, hospitals, offices and tower blocks. Like the residential housing construction, institutional and commercial building involves both putting up of new structures and repair and maintenance of existing structures.

Typically, a project like a retail store is usually commissioned by a company or private owner.
Other projects such as stadiums, schools, and medical facilities are often paid for and managed by both the local and national government.

Interstellar Steelworks can assist in the delivery of your project - to budget and on-time. Depending on project size and the time frames of your project, we may collaborate with other construction firms and/or sub-contractors. We quote tailored to each individual project need however we are confident we can manage each phase for residential projects – consultation, survey, design, supply and installation.

From concept to creation

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