Mace Jump Factory

Commercial Stainless Steel Construction at Mace Jump Factory, Stratford

Everyone directly and indirectly involved in the civil engineering industry will know about Mace’s innovative idea to construct a 30 storey residential tower inside a giant 10 storey self contained, climbing factory. With £9 million+ invested into the project, Mace soon hit a build rate of one completely finished floor per week, which was only achievable through a having an extremely dedicated work-force driving the installations and logistics of this commercial stainless steel construction.

Our job was to position the 4, 3.5t brackets onto the 50mm thick, 500mm long plates that are welded onto corner steel UC’s. We then wedged diagonal steel props between the steel columns and perimeter concrete columns in order to transfer the lateral load from the factory to the ground below. 4 hydraulic jacks, situated between the ring beam and the brackets, then activated and pushed against the top set of brackets, transferring the load and allowing for the 240mm structural pins inside the brackets on the floor below to retract.

Once these pins we retracted and clear of the bracket below, Dorman Long & Co Ltd were then were able to initiate the jump sequence, and raise the entire 2000t factory 3.3m. The structural pins were then extended into the top set of brackets in order to take the full factory load, and the hydraulic rams could then return to their rest position. Once that final pin was in position and safety checks signed off, the sequence then begin again, starting with the removal of the bottom set of brackets and props.

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