The Stylus, London

Glass Systems Installation at The Stylus, London

This apartment complex is a stunning example as to what our glass and stainless steel products can do to a building.

Situated on Blythe Road, West London, this build has been designed with a variety of glass and steel applications. All balconies are fitted with stainless steel railings and glazed glass infill panels. Here we also see, stunning examples of light-green frosted glass panels acting as partitioning walls between apartment balconies. These partitions maximise light exposure to the balcony space as well as a  sufficient amount of privacy, allowing owners to comfortably enjoy there balconies and the view of the city and communal garden area the building offers.

Elements & Materials:

  • Post and glass infill balcony balustrade
  • Glazed glass panels and stainless steel hand rail stair case
  • Privacy glazed glass partitions

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