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We offer a variety of services from design, supply or installation only to the full project package. We can also assist in any planning applications your project may require.

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With seven main material options balustrades are the perfect way to add character, versatility, and style to a build, be that commercial or residential with application a terrace, rooftop, or stairway.

architectural steelworks


Balconies and Juliettes are most common in the commercial, high-rise builds – however balconies are becoming more popular in the home, with many striving to utilise space and connect to the outdoors.

architectural steelworks

Entrance Canopies

Make better use of outdoor spaces by introducing a Canopy. These systems are the perfect substitute to costly porch installations which will still add a touch of elegance and modernity to either commercial or residential builds. Not only for entrance ways but any opening to the building.

aluminium decking

Aluminium Decking

Aluminium decking offers a non-combustible, sleek and durable alternative to traditional wood or composite decking. Made from lightweight yet strong aluminium alloy, this decking material is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and weathering, making it ideal for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces. .

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Facias, Cladding and Soffits

The finishing touches are a must. Most work carried out in the industry requires some amount of ‘covering’. From balcony edges to roofing we are able to give that clean concealed finish to all works.

architectural steelworks

Staircases and Fire Escapes

In place for practicality, staircases are frequently used as a focal feature to both commercial and residential property. No matter the size of the build the options for bespoke staircases are endless, often solving many other concerns such as safety, lighting and space-saving.

architectural steelworks

Railings, Gates and Fencing

Used primarily for safety, privacy, and security – railings, gates and/or fences can still add architectural appeal to a property. Available in an infinite range of materials and designs, the opportunity and cost is up to you.

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Protective Screens & Partitions

The installation of screens is a great way of preventing the infection spread of COVID-19 and offer protection to both your employees, customers, and general public. In a nation that feels isolated it is becoming increasingly popular to have glass walls and partitions installed to make everyone feel more ‘together’ without negatively impacting the acoustics or privacy needed.