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Balconies and Juliettes.

Once primarily associated with commercial high-rise buildings, are increasingly becoming sought-after features in residential homes. This trend reflects a growing desire among homeowners to maximize living space, foster connections with the outdoors, and to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of properties.


The perfect solution for homes craving a connection to the outdoors. Inspired by the iconic scene from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," Juliet balconies offer a stylish remedy to the challenge of limited square footage. In urban settings where space is a premium, Juliet Balcony solutions provide a breath of fresh air, literally. With various material options available, say goodbye to the confines of indoor living and hello to panoramic views and streams of natural light.

Cantilevered Balcony.

The innovative answer for urban developments seeking to maximize outdoor space in constrained environments. Inspired by cutting-edge architectural design, cantilevered balconies offer a sophisticated and pragmatic solution to the challenge of limited living areas.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with contemporary architectural aesthetics and enhance marketability, these balconies are more than just an addition – they're a strategic investment in the success and desirability of new housing developments.

Stacked Balcony.

The concept of stacked balconies allows for efficient use of vertical space, providing residents with access to outdoor areas while minimizing the building's footprint. Stacked balconies provide an outdoor solution for developments that may not accommodate cantilevered structures or as part of a redevelopment project for existing buildings.

Stacked balconies contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of a building, adding visual interest to the facade while enhancing the quality of life for occupants. They provide a connection to the outdoors, allowing residents to enjoy fresh air and sunlight without leaving the comfort of their home.

Inset Balcony.

While not your conventional balcony, our inset balconies offer a distinctive approach to enhancing the allure and utility of commercial buildings. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the structural framework of your property, our inset balconies provide coveted outdoor spaces.

Whether discreetly nestled within the building's façade or strategically positioned across various levels, inset balcony designs offer an opportunity to elevate both the aesthetics and practicality of a development.

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