Abbey Gate 6th Form, Bury St Edmunds

Commercial Atrium Installation – Abbey Gate 6th Form, Bury St Edmunds

We believe strongly in the safety and robustness of our installations, which is highlighted perfectly by the work carried out at Abbey Gate 6th form College.

The work we undertook at the Sixth Form College gave them two, new, sleek glazed atrium mezzanine areas. The metal work was fixed directly into the primary steelwork of the building for strength and durability. Rising through the floors, we also installed four glass infill and stainless steel staircases at each corner of the building, creating bright and modern feel but also able to endure the wear and tear of heavy traffic from students.

Elements & Materials.

  • Stainless steel Atrium
  • Glazed Infill panels
  • Stair Balustrade

Date: November 2020

Value: £26,000

Client: BA Systems