ISW’s HQ is in Ashford, Kent, therefore we see it as a privilege to work on any local projects requiring our expertise and to see these completed projects in our local community.

East Stour Court – designed for elderly accommodation with a modern feel. This project has been enhanced with our glass balustrade system application to each unit. As well as the 29 balconies we also installed a glass balustrade surround to an internal atrium.



  • Ali Base Channel
  • 21.5 laminated glass
  • stainless steel handrails

Juliette Balcony and Terrace balustrade – Cranmer Court, London

The use of steel and glass is a great way to give a building a modern lease of life which is demonstrated perfectly with this project.

Cranmer court, based in Finchley, went through a stunning revitalisation when they opted for us to revamp their apartments. Certain apartments got a brand new glazed and aluminium balustrade Juliet balcony bringing seclusion and light to the occupants. In additional to the Juliette ISW took on the metal works to the new roof terrace area for use by the residents. The terrace saw the installation of our stainless steel balustrades and glazed infill panels.

Elements & Materials

  • Stainless steel infill balustrade
  • Glazed Juliette balconies
Steelworks London - ISWUK
Steelworks London - ISWUK
Steelworks London - ISWUK

Striving for excellence is one of are main mottos here at ISWUK and what better way to show of excellence than breathing a new lease of life into a glass stair case in one of Europe’s main investment banks.

Commerz bank situated in the centre of London had there glass stair case and balustrades revamped by us after problems began to appear with its original install. The staircase had all of its rubbers replaced giving it a clean and new look with a brand new pain of glass, as well as a stainless steal hand rail, overhauling the over all look of the stair case and becoming the centre piece of the foyer to the building highlighting the elegant modern design to the overall building.

steelworks London - ISWUK
Glazed Roof Terrace Bristol - ISWUK
Image 3

This project highlights the diversity in which glass can be used to compliment the architecture of a building.

This new apartment complex is situated in Southall, London. It gives it’s new occupants stunning balcony views over Wembley and the city of London. Fitted with glazed glass panels and aluminium balustrade balconies as well a full stair case running the height of the building, The works carried out give the building a modern look and feel without compromising on safety or robustness.

Elements and Materials

  • Structural glazed balustrade with aluminium capping
  • Stainless steel glazed stair balustrade
Image 3
Commercial Atrium Installation ISWUK
Commercial Atrium Installation ISWUK

Commercial Atrium Installation – Abbey Gate 6th Form, Bury St Edmunds

We believe strongly in the safety and robustness of our installations, which is highlighted perfectly by the work carried out at Abbey Gate 6th form College.

The work we undertook at the Sixth Form College gave them two, new, sleek glazed atrium mezzanine areas. The metal work was fixed directly into the primary steelwork of the building for strength and durability. Rising through the floors, we also installed four glass infill and stainless steel staircases at each corner of the building, creating  bright and modern feel but also able to endure the wear and tear of heavy traffic from students.

Elements & Materials:
  • Stainless steel Atrium
  • Glazed Infill panels
  • Stair Balustrade
glass systems installation - ISWUK
glass systems installation ISWUK
glass systems installation ISWUK

Glass Systems Installation at The Stylus, London

This apartment complex is a stunning example as to what our glass and stainless steel products can do to a building.

Situated on Blythe Road, West London, this build has been designed with a variety of glass and steel applications. All balconies are fitted with stainless steel railings and glazed glass infill panels. Here we also see, stunning examples of light-green frosted glass panels acting as partitioning walls between apartment balconies. These partitions maximise light exposure to the balcony space as well as a  sufficient amount of privacy, allowing owners to comfortably enjoy there balconies and the view of the city and communal garden area the building offers.

Elements & Materials:

  • Post and glass infill balcony balustrade
  • Glazed glass panels and stainless steel hand rail stair case
  • Privacy glazed glass partitions
Steelworks London - ISWUK
Steelworks London - ISWUK
Steelworks London - ISWUK

Commercial Balustrade Installation – John Lewis, Cheltenham

ISW were proud to work with John Lewis in bringing a stunning new atrium to their Cheltenham store.

The revamp saw the fitting of structural glazed, infill panels and complementary aluminium balustrades running the perimeter of the atrium and upper floors –  giving the store a new sophisticated look for shoppers to enjoy.

Elements & Materials:

  • Structural glazed atrium balustrade with aluminium capping